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Our Programs

Here We Grow offers 3 different programs and there are different classrooms for each age group, filled with authentic materials and individualized lessons . The oldest children are learners, mentors, helpers, and role models for the younger children and the younger children will respect and learn from their older peers.

In each of the classrooms there will be the following:* May use visuals for the classrooms
An emphasis on cognitive structures and social development.

Baby with Teddy Bear

Infant Program

At Here We Grow You will love our cozy and cheerful environment, that will help develop your baby develop a sense of trust and anticipation as he/she gets to know our familiar, friendly faces. Our experienced staff will give your baby lots of affection and stimulating activities to help your child's development, and set the foundations for learning and language skills. You will receive verbal and written reports each day regarding your child's nap, feeding times, diaper changes, and special interests, as well as new behaviors and learned skills. At Here We Grow there is always a familiar face ready for a game of "Peek a Boo," to read a story, or to sing songs and perform finger/plays. Your infant will feel loved and at home and our trusting caregivers will provide the attention and stimulation he/she needs to grow into a happy, healthy toddler.


At Here We Grow our toddler room is BUSY!! It's a happy place where children can learn, explore, sing, dance. Our program for toddlers is designed to encourage each child's growing needs and independence. We encourage each child to have high self esteem in a safe supporting manner. We Focus on colors, shapes, numbers, letters, self-help skills and character building skills. At Here We Grow the toddler classroom is a place where each toddler can learn and grow each day by exploring and making new discoveries.

Pre-School Program

Your preschool child is a reflection of the future! What they learn and experience now will not only benefit them as they grow older, but will help to mold their future. At this age, children are eager to learn as much as they can about the world around them. Here starts the preparation for an exciting journey to kindergarten. We will teach children practical life lessons that encourage and promote self-esteem. In addition, Here We Grow's low teacher-to-student ratio enables each child to receive the individual attention needed to learn.

Virtual School Program

We are now offering Virtual School Care at our centers. Your child will have a teacher to make sure that your child is logged on to their classroom program on time. We will also assist with homework. 
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