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Our Mission & Goals

Here We Grow Daycare is your child's FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS!!! Our responsibility is to provide childcare by updating and complying with the state requirements.

​Setting these high standards of excellence ensures that your child receives the best quality care possible by creating an environment that is sensitive to each child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

This includes helping children with lessons that will continue throughout their lives such as self-esteem, cooperation, problem-solving and respect for others. At Here We Grow, we will strive each day to provide a peace of mind to parents which have entrusted the care of their children to us.

​We help children overcome shyness and establish lasting friendships!!

Child Safety

Children are released only to those pre-authorized by parents - PHOTO I.D. is required.

Here We Grow always does a complete screening of all employees. Our Staff are fingerprinted and a thorough background check is conducted. They must also submit two references as well as undergo an adult Health Physical and TB Test.

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Art Fun

Our Staff

At Here We Grow our staff have monthly refresh trainings which are completed within the center.  Each staff takes the yearly state trainings that are needed to be in compliance.

​Since we are participating in tehestate training along with our own MANDATORY center training our staff are over trained and they spend more time learning about best practices in early care and education.

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